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    Status bar on flow ?


      I am saving output of a flow to a csv.


      Data is uploaded till last step of the flow and I can view sample inside the tool but 'running the flow to save output to file' is taking forever ?


      Data is not huge that it can't fit in a csv; it should be under 300,000 rows X 51 columns


      I have noticed that running saved flow is doesn't work out at the same level of performance and is always a struggle.


      how can I optimize it ? ( have followed best practices, not using SQL operations )


      Please advise. Thanks!

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Tripti,


          This post was done last month.  Have you resolved the issue? 


          If not, maybe Maraki Ketema will be able to assist with a response here.



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            Joshua Milligan

            Hi Tripti,


            It's really hard to say without seeing your flow and understanding your data.  My first guess is that there is a join somewhere that is duplicating records unexpectedly - turning what should be a small, fast data-set into a large result that never seems to finish.  You might not see this in design mode, because Tableau Prep will likely sample that resulting data, but when you run the flow in batch mode it takes forever as you describe above. 


            Would you be able to share a packaged flow?  Even a screenshot of your flow might help narrow things down a bit.


            Best Regards,