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    Massive Query returning Blank Dashboards/Data (No Errors)

    Jalal Hassan



      So I've run into a frustrating situation.


      My company does not have a Data Warehouse or Stored Procedures in place, so to get YoY Data, I basically need to run a a massive query every time my workbook refreshes. The query returns 10s of millions of rows for a 2017/2018.


      This wouldn't bother me so much, since I have it set to extract and it refreshes overnight. The query takes 60-90 minutes to run.


      The issue I am running into is that when I go to include 2017 ontop of 2018 in the query Tableau runs the query for about an hour creates an extract database but the workbook is completely blank and there is no data in the results tab.


      Same query runs fine if I just run it for 2018, IE less data coming through.


      I am of the mind that there is some limit that my CTO has in place on the database that is preventing me from grabbing a certain amount of rows.


      I'm getting no errors on the Tableau side of things, and my query works perfectly.


      The database is a DRUPAL system running MYSQL.




      Any help/advice would be appreciated.




      Jalal Hassan