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    Need help in showing distinct region names for overlapping date fields

    swati joshi



      This is a sample data.


      My data has following columns : Product name, Region, Japan_DT, China_DT, India_DT, Nepal_DT


      The issue is that 1 product name can have dates in multiple DT fields but it has only 1 Region mapped in 'Region' column.


      I want to show a list of all products available in data and all the regions which have dates against that product.


      So if product 'Pen' has date entries in India_DT and Nepal_DT then I would like to show 2 line items for Pen, one line for India and other for Nepal.


      Pivot option in Tableau is not working for me on the actual dataset. So I'm looking for suggestions on other available options. Attaching sample dataset and desired output.


      Looking forward to your help.


      Thanks !