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    Displaying value corresponding to max value date

    Jessica Boyd

      Hi All,


      I have spent an extensive amount of time trying to display both current day and prior day bank statement data in 1 view but have been unsuccessful.


      Our bank balance data is labeled either 'prior' for all prior days' data and 'current' for just the current day. Within these data sets, there are several types of balances. I only want to see the closing ledger balance for both current day and the most recent prior day statement. For most banks, these types of balances come through with codes of 030 (current day) or 015 (prior day).


      Current day data only exists in our system for the current day and after that, disappears and is replaced by a prior day statement. Since there is only one day's worth of statements for current day, displaying that data by account is easy. Besides that information, however, I would like to show was the balance was for the last prior day statement received. This date can be different for each account (we get statements on weekends in some countries, holidays are different and we do not get statements on some holidays, etc).


      I've attached an example of how our data is structured using dummy data in excel.


      Thank you!