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    Tabjolt | Tableau 2018.1.3 - An unexpected error occurred.

    Jackson Santos

      Hello guys,


      after upgrading the Tableau Server from 10.5 to Version 2018.1.3, our existing Tabjolt test stoped working.

      We are using Tabjolt 2018.2.


      This is the error message:


      <div id="tabBootErr" class="tabErrorDialog"><div id="tabBootErrTitle">Unexpected Error</div><div id="tabBootErrBody">An unexpected error occurred. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.<div id="tabBootErrMsg"></div></div></div>


      ERROR [2018-11-13 10:52:39,167][InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1] com.tableausoftware.test.server.perfTestSuite.ViewVizTest (InteractVizTest.java:95)   - Failed to finish View Viz Test. Site: dev-sandbox; Workbook: BeatsWordCloud1-publishedds; View: Beats; IsPublic: false;  Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid resp body when calling setSheetId!

      java.lang.Exception: Invalid resp body when calling setSheetId!


      I have attached the error log.


      Thank you for your support.