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    Dynamic Parameter acting as a Prompt

    Alexandru Vadenau



      I will begin by saying i have searched a bit the internet and i got to a post back from 2015 in which some things about Dynamic Parameters and their limitations in Tableau have been discussed. Seen there that they are currently under development. Here it is now 2018 so i wonder if new updates have been brought to this section of Tableau.


      I will now state my case.


      Our purpose is to create some kind of prompts that would filter the data from the data source connection prior to running a report. It has been seen that the possibility of running prompts in Tableau is not available at the moment, so we took another approach. We created a parameter in a Custom Sql and used the expression for it:


      parameter=oracle database column name.


      This oracle database column name is a dynamic calculation that has several values that are updated on a daily basis, but only a small part of the name changes (the date in this case, as for example it would pass from month 1 - week 2 to month 1 - week 3.) Now, we have created the parameter as a string and based it on this column name from data source. My initial thought was that , as the column name from oracle data base updated on a daily basis, so would the list of values rendered by our parameter. But this was not the case. Hence, my question now: can we somehow find a solution so that we can have this list of values updated dynamically or should we create a new parameter with its respective values of that data column from database every time we want to build a report?