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    7 questions to find trends of best treatments

    Rogier Koning


      This is a question about analyzing data in genera. I hope to discuss a our concept of doing research as patients
      We are a small group of patient collecting data together about our cluster headache attacks (also called suicide headaches) and all our treatments. What we hope to find are our own trends of best treatments. Whith what treatments we see less attacks occur, less intensity or duration. Is this a trend we see in all patients or only with a few.



      My concept is this:

      They say that you know everybody in the world in 7 steps. In the Netherlands we even had a program were they had a max of 7 contact to come in contact with a world famous person. And some really did.


      Because we are a group of patients, we have no knowledge of analyzing data. But we do have questions. So if the questions are right, and the correct analyzing of the data is setup:


      Could there be 7 questions to find our trends of best treatments?


      I've been thinking about this already a while and this is what I came up with:


      1. Do we see patterns in our symptoms and treatments
      2. Do we see combinations of treatments and symptoms
      3. can we find were symptoms rise
      4. can we find were symptoms drop
      5. can we see what triggers these changes
      6. do we see these changes also in combination to our symptoms
      7. what are my best treatments.



      We've collected in 4 month over 10.000 datapoints about our attacks and treatments. We hope to use the questions to render our data through these 7 questions to find trends of our best treatments.