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    Tableau Extract to refresh incrementally for a full day

    Dhruv Sharma



      I have set the extract to refresh incrementally on date column (DD/MM/YYYY) everyday at 8:00 AM.

      It was working fine but now data is coming into the table for same day even after 8:00 AM, for this I have set the frequency to refresh the extract after every hour.

      But it is not appending new rows for same date. My requirement is to make the refresh for whole day.


      For Example:


      at 8:00 for 14nov 100 new rows added to extract.

      at 8:30, 40 more rows come to our database with same date i.e. 14 Nov.  At 09:00 AM extract refreshes again but these 40 rows did not appended to extract ( I think this might be due to they have same date).


      Requirement: After 09:00, I should have 140 rows for 14 Nov.


      Thanks in advance for help.


      Kind Regards,