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    Quick filter items falling out of scope due to other filter limiting items

    Jose Jarabo



      So I have a unique situation. I have a main data source that contains historical data and it has a relation a relation to a separate data source through a few dimensions. I have a few multiselect filters that are filtering the data from both.. So here is my problem. The main source of it is..


      1 Filter is set to confirmed only (two settings).

      2. The second filter, filters by Item Class and it selects 3 different Item classes.

      3. It is important that all 3 item classes make it through so that a calculation that adds up all the items in those classes is added up from 2ndary data source.

      4. The problem is that I am not getting an accurate item count, 1 of the 3 item classes is not being added because Confirmed is filtering out any of that 1 item class and thus that part of the filter is not getting passed through.


      I have had a suggestion from a colleague to try and fix this by doing Fixed calc, but I need it to take into account what is filtered on this specific filter and not take the entire population.



      Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.