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    landscape view in Mobile version based on trend selection

    rao marapatla

      Hi All,


      I have a dashboard which has 2 trends -  access dashboard in mobile and when you select any trend it should show that trend alone in landscape view on mobile and then return back to home view of the dashboard.


      attached workbook and also published on my public profile where you can see dashboard on mobile


      expectation: when I click treemap trend it should show me a landscape view then return back to dashboard



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          Vanessa Harmon

          Hi Rao,


          Is this still an outstanding question? I looked at the workbook, but I'm not sure exactly what the actual versus expected result is based on the packaged workbook.


          At present, I see one dashboard which is only going to display that page and shouldn't change layout orientation by selecting a mark in the view. It sounds like you may want to drill through to see only one sheet based on user interaction, which I think would be something that can be accomplished using actions to open a sheet separately from the dashboard. Similarly, the orientation of the page can be changed in the Dashboard Device Preview options; the orientation will not rotate automatically. Create Dashboard Layouts for Different Device Types - Tableau 


          For the dashboard to rotate to a different orientation automatically without turning the device would be something to post about in the Ideas forum.