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    December 2018 TUG Workshop Data

    Jefferson McMillan - Wilhoit

      Back by popular demand, the Chicago Health TUG will be hosting a hands-on workshop as part of its regular meeting in December (See this post for more). As the fall turns into bitter winter here in Chicago, the brisk cool days also bring with it the open-enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act Healthcare Marketplace. This is a time for many Americans to find or renew their healthcare coverage through the many ACA channels. The data we will use during this meeting will be from the ACA push to insure the uninsured. CMS provides, each year, a data set showing how many uninsured people there are in different geographic regions. This data includes the total uninsured population, as well as different breakdowns of that population.


      The goal of our TUG Workshop is simple, everyone gets the same data and we see what we each can do with it. Our ask: that you share your work to this thread by December 1, 2018. Each submission will be highlighted during our workshop. We will also use this data to work through different features of Tableau together. So, ask question of this data. Find patterns you might not expect. And put together beautiful and functional visualizations that you can share with your colleges at the TUG. We look forward to your submissions and we can't wait to highlight the talent we know exists within this group!


      The data set (available here with descriptions) is available to our TUG group in the Tableau Public workbook I just posted. Just download the workbook here and you are off to the races.