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    YOY KPI visulaization


      Hi community,


      I need one tip regarding YOY and also its visulaization.

      yoy KPI.PNG


      I want suggestions where i want to get YOY using Quick Table Calculation (Year over Growth) and also want to show KPI's like arrow as shown above.

      Calculation used for KPI arrows:

      IF (ZN(SUM([Premium])) > LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Premium])), -1)) then 'Good'

      elseif (ZN(SUM([Premium])) < LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Premium])), -1)) then 'Bad'

      ELSE 'Equal'



      Complex scenarios:The issues I have been facing is that I want to remove null(keep blank for year 2016) and also change/keep the column name on which i have done quick table calculation which have not happened in the above screenshot,At the same time, I also want to show KPI arrows and do not want to show yellow arrow as we are starting YOY from 2016.So, i want to keep blank for the reference year 2016.



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          Cédric Tran



          May I suggest you my idea:


          1. Create a calculated field:

          IF FIRST() = 0

          then    ''


              IF [YOY Evol Sales] < 0 then 'Bad'

              ELSEIF [YOY Evol Sales] > 0 then 'Good'

              ELSE 'Equal'




          [YOY Evol Sales] referes to your YoY calculation.


          2. Create a blank shape and assign it to value ''


          Please keep me posted, I would like to know if it correspond to your request