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    SharePoint Slow Performance Issue - Resolved!

    Muteru Mwangi

      I hope this will be helpful to other Tableau Users.

      For several weeks, I had an ongoing performance issue with a SharePoint on-prem data source. My data source is connected to 4 SharePoint Lists, and my expected total Marks was under 10,000.


      When I initially created the Tableau Workbook (Desktop 2018.1.6), the Extract from SharePoint was taking about 10 minutes to complete. Over time, the completion time increased to 2 hours then to 4 hours, and eventually it got to a point where it'd run for 8 hours and never complete!


      I logged a Case with Tableau Support and after several weeks of research and analysis, they discovered the issue was related to the Page Size value in the tdc driver file. They provided a modified file and we increased the value from 1,000 to 10,000, and when we tested the Extract, it completed in about 2 minutes - YAY!! The tdc file needs to be placed in the My Tableau Repository\Datasources folder.


      This link has details on the Page Size option of the CData ODBC Driver for SharePoint 2018: http://cdn.cdata.com/help/RSD/odbc/RSBSharePoint_p_PageSize.htm



      Muteru Mwangi