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    Create filter on value selection

    Eduard Selenzow

      Tableau version: 2018.2


      Hello community,


      I am pretty new to Tableau and want to build a dashboard for my visual analytics class. I ran into a problem about how to filter my data after I selected a specific value.

      The project is about bitcoin and the relation of bitcoin value to real-world events, such as hacks, and how Google Trends searches changed around the events.
      I joined the data sets on the date as the attribute.


      Google Trends Data is based on weeks, where they use the end of the week as the date. For example, if the week is from the 12th of November to the 18th of November the entry in the data set is the 18th of November and the number of searches during that week.
      The other datasets use single dates, such as 12 of November 2018, as values. I tried to add another attribute to the data set of Google Trends and the events (Week number) to see if Tableau can use them to do the job.



      The idea is as follows:


      1. I click on one of the events displayed inside the bubble chart
      2. All data sheets are filtered based on the date the previously mentioned event occurred on.


      The result of the applied filter should be that a time period is displayed instead of a single value.

      My idea of how to approach the second step is to create two parameters, Start Date & End Date. Then set their values to Start Date = selected event date - 1 month and End Date = selected event date + 1 month or current the last date inside the data set if it's less than 1 month after a selection.


      A problem with the general action on the dashboard for the dates is when I click on one of the events that instead of a period like a week displayed for the trends either nothing or a single value is displayed.



      Does anyone know how to solve the problem using Tableau?