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    True option in filter not showing

    Garima Vohra



      I am struggling with this calculation.  I want to filter the values on True but as I drag my calculated field to filters shelf I see only 'False' , True is not there as an option?


      INDEX()= TOTAL(Count[Field])*0.25

      OR  INDEX()= TOTAL(Count[Field)*0.50

      OR  INDEX()= TOTAL(Count[Field])*0.75


      Any clues/suggestions why it is doing that




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          Ombir Rathee

          You need to change the table calculation by Compute using desired field. Can't exactly say without looking at your workbook.


          Right click on this field on filter shelf and compute using Field name you're using in your view as Addressing field. Then again edit the filter to select True values.


          Hope this helps.

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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning

            Would need to see the viz - you need to have something in the viz (i.e. field) to count


            rewrote your formula

            and it returned this



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