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    Navigation Buttons using Actions..

    Derrik Lattig

      Hi Everyone,


      I am seeking some help on using action filters for navigating between dashboards. I have an overview dashboard, which will act as my "Home Page," and then I have 5 other dashboards that I want to navigate to. I have attached an image of what it looks like to help.


      Here is what I am trying to do: I want to be able to click on the "Strategy" or "Trust" and have it take me to that specific dashboard. Currently, that little box  is just a title in a worksheet, but it appears that actions do not work on titles? How can I work around this to make it work?


      Thanks for your help!



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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          No, actions do not work with worksheet titles. However, you could use the text in title as an actual field label and set action on it. Here's how,


          1) I'm using Superstore data, build a dashboard with Category sales

          Another with Sub-Cat sales


          When I click on the Sub-Category "button" to the right in my first dashboard which is sourced off sheet 3 I should jump to Dashboard 2. This is my action. For this I created a dummy label "Sub-Category" and dropped it on view like so, and add this to the dashboard.


          Then I create a Filter action like so,


          When I click on "Sub Category Button" I jump to DB 2.


          Hope this helps. Attached workbook.




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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Derrik,


            I usually just make a duplicate page of my main viz worksheet - the logic behind this is I tend to make dynamic titles that change depending on the selections made on a dashboard. It doesn't work in 100% of the times I try, but I tend to find that most of the fields I want to use are in the main sheet. After that its just a matter of ensuring that your filters are set to apply to both worksheets and making the sheet look like a title.


            The other main tip is when you publish to server before 2018.3 (yay navigation buttons!), the navigation will not work unless the viz is published in 'Tab' mode. This can be hidden by editing the embed script - change <param name='tabs' value='yes' to <param name='tabs' value='no'.