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    Date over Date & time over time comparison

    manoj kumar

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm new to Tableau and need a bit of guidance with respect to dates functions.


      My aim is to compare the sales on a specific date time range with another date same time range. Say i wanted to find the sales total between 10th Nov 9:30 PM to 11th Nov 9:30 PM and compare the same time sale made on Sep 10th 9:30 PM to 11th Sep 9:30 PM.


      It will be really helpful if anyone could suggest how this can be accomplished and share the calculation or formula. I have attached the sample data set.


      I use Tableau 10, so it will be best if you could share the formula.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Very Simple,

          you can do this in multiple methods out of which one i did specify below. first write formula to pull only November sales and then write formula same for september based on your time and date condition. and then place both in one graph. if you want comparision and percentage difference then write another formula as

          SUM(NOVEMBER SALES)/SUM(SEPTEMBER SALES) AND change format for this formula as percentage.... find below screenshot...

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            manoj kumar

            Hi Suresh,


            Thank you for getting back. Let me try it out at my end. Whether it solves the purpose.


            Another question, say if i want to do a live comparison. Say the sale started by 13th 9:30 AM and still it is in progress. I wanted to compare the sales done on 10th Sep.


            I wanted to do a live comparison, i wanted to fetch the date & time of present date and compare it with the sale done on 10th Sep with the same time frame how it can be accomplished.


            Any suggestions.