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    Range for aggregated field

    Manuel Sanchez

      Hello Everyone,


      I need some help with my dashboard. Actually i have a calculated field called Sales with a LOD expresion. The calculate is like this:


      {INCLUDE [Seller]:

      COUNTD [Material]



      With this calculated field i want to construct a view with ranges of sales, i mean, i'm trying to create a calculate field with ranges for Sales, so i created a calculated field like this:


      IF [Sales] =0 THEN "0"

      ELSEIF  [Sales] >0 AND [Sales] <=5 THEN "1-5"

      ELSEIF  [Sales] >5 AND [Sales] <=10 THEN "6-10"

      ELSEIF  [Sales] >10 AND [Sales] <=15 THEN "11-15"

      ELSEIF  [Sales] >16 AND [Sales] <=20 THEN "16-20"

      ELSEIF  [Sales] >21 THEN ">21" END


      But i can't use this calculated field as a dimension because it mention a aggregated calculate field, so i'm stuck right now. My idea is to do a graphic bar with the dimension Range and the meassure Sales.


      Someone can help me? Maybe this is not the correct form to do that.


      Thanks everyone and kind regards,