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    Cheange Tableau Server administrator user


      At the end of the installation of Tableau Server I have selected a user (from the the Active Directory) to be the Server Administrator:

      • Is it possibile to change the user and gant the Server Administrator role to a new one?
      • Is it possibile to have more than one Server Administrator?
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          Michael Gillespie

          Yes, to both questions.  I don't believe there is a limit on the number of Server Administrators but I haven't really tested that!


          You can assign the Server Administrator role to any user.  HOWEVER, doing so will make that user a CREATOR and consume a Creator license, even if that user has already been assigned a Viewer or an Explorer license.


          You can choose to make any user a SITE Administrator as well, and with SITE you have the choice of using a Creator license or an Explorer license for that user.  Site Admins have slightly fewer capabilities than Server Admins but that might be OK for your configuration.


          You cannot make a Viewer license holder into any kind of Administrator.

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