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    Applied dashboard filter jumps automatically to another dashboard - STOP doing that

    Martin Asztalos



      I struggle to find a solution to disable the auto jump to another dashboard when 2 filters on the "Summary" dashboard are applied.

      Is their an option to disable this auto-jump to the second dashboard ("Fine")???

      Please find a test twbx attached.


      On the Summary Dashboard are 2 sheets

      - a table and

      - a bar chart.


      When I select a specific workweek in the table the report does not jump automatically to the "Fine" dashboard.


      However, when a grouping in the table is selected and a second filter in the bar chart is applied the report jumps automatically to the "Fine" dashboard.

      Is their a way to disable this auto jump to another dashboard???



      In the Fine dashboard the grouping info gets not displayed in the title.

      What is wrong with my setup?


      Kind Regards