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    Dashboard - problem with a quick filter


      Hello everybody,


      I have a problem with a dashboard I've created, I hope you can help me. Because the data should not be public by now, I can't upload the dashboard, but I hope you will understand the description.


      I created a dashboard with a few dimensions as a bubble chart. When someone chooses a dimension, a new chart with indicators show up. In that chart the user should pick a indicator he or she's interessted in and a line diagram shows up with the trend of this indicator over time. That seems to work well with action filters. But the problem is a quick filter I added to the line chart. The user should have the possibility to choose different forms of the indicator. For example if the user is interessted in how many kids are vaccinated, there should be filteroptions for the different vaccinations like measles or mumps. These filteroptions are different for every indicator and should not sum up.

      At the moment I choose another indicator the filter doesn't change. The chart is blank and I have to change the filter again although I actived 'Only relevant values'. Is it possible that the filter automaticly activates a relevant option? Or is it possible that the quick filter dissapears and appears when choosing a different indicator? At the moment the quick filter is always show up although no dimension and indicator is activated and the chart is blank.


      I hope you understand the problem, even so my English is not that perfect

      Thank you in advance


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          tableau problem 1.PNGtableau problem 2.PNG

          Maybe a picture is helping. The Filter always show the same option first "Keine zusätzliche Ausprägung verfügbar" = 'No other options'. But for example when I choose vaccinations that option doesn't exist. So the chart is blank and the user has to change the filter. Is it possible the quick filter automaticly match to the indicator that's choosen before?