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    Graph using multiple date columns and no measures

    Suba sekhar

      We have a requirement to create an area graph using multiple date columns and zero measures. I am using Tableau 10.5 version.

      I have 6 date columns - Week, Milestone Date, Green Start Date, Green End Date, Yellow End Date and Red End Date.


      1.I have to create a graph with Week in X-axis and all other date columns in Y-axis. Below is the graph I am looking for.

      2.Week is the date of every Sunday. I need the Tableau to show the Sunday date, if data is missing for a particular week. Example: In below graph after 13-Aug-2017, data is available only for 03-Sep-2017. There are 2 weeks missing in between these dates. Tableau has to include      these 2 Sundays (20-Aug-2017 and 27-Aug-2017) between 13-Aug-2017 and 03-Sep-2017 in X-axis.



      As a work around I have converted the dates to YYYYMMDD format. Tableau treats this as numbers (measures) and I used the Measure values to create the report. But Y-axis is showing displaying the numbers as Range which is not valid dates. So we are not able to use this as a solution.