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    Colors not properly behaving when changing the display of dates from days to weeks (or months)?

    Jose Salazar



      I have a table representing some calculation of inventory (I), Requirements (R) and receipts (D) for a bunch of SKUs. On the vertical axis, the SKUs are displayed, and on the horizontal axis, the dates on which, the requirements (outs) and receipts (ins) are planned to be done.


      The cells color is determined based on a calculation, called X, which is aggregated. If x is greater than 1, the cell should be green, if x is 1, the cell should be blue, and if x is less than 1, the cell should red. X is the fourth value shown on the below figures.


      When the dates are display in terms of "exact date", everything works like a charm.


      My problem happens when a change the dates representation to other formats,  such as months (figure 1) and weeks (figure 2), where for some reason the colors are not displayed as they should on some cells, even though the value of their respective X is right.


      Also some cells look overlapped? (see figure 2).


      Does anyboady knows whats wrong? I think it's could be related to the aggregated part...



      Figure 1


      Figure 2