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    Data Row Level Security

    edgar baltazar

      Hi !


      I need to implement Data Row Level Security for the first time and I have a couple of questions, any help and guidence will be appreciated,


      To illustrate my issue I'll use the next data set:




      I just have 3 users:


      Paul - Should see only sales from Americas Region

      Wendy - Should see only sales from Europe Region

      Juan - Should see sales for both Regions


      I understand that there are mainly 2 options:


      1. Create a user filter and map users to values manually.


      From tableau Desktop under the Server menu add a user filter, where I could select multiple values on Region field for Juan (Americas and Europe) , and a single value for Paul (Americas) and Wendy (Europe)


      But I would like to avoid this option as in real life I have about 200 users, giving maintance by a manual mode seems to be unlikely.


      2. Create a dynamic filter using a security field in the data:


      As I understand it I would need to add a new column to my original dataset (User column) that I could use in combination with an expression like: USERNAME() = [User] to filter data and based on my example and needs should look like this (?) :




      By doing this I like that I could have a separate table with the Region-User relationship that I could keep maintainance easily , but what I dislike is that I'm duplicating the records on My Data Source, in real life this would be more than duplicating as I have about 50 of 200 users that should be able to see everything.


      I'm missing something? Whats is my best option based on this kind of situation?


      Thanks in advance for your help!








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          Naveen B

          Hi Edgar,


          here you tableau groups comes handy


          Create a 3 Groups


          1) Create a group called "Only_America" in tableau Server - add the users who wants to access only America Data

          2) Create a group called "Only_Europe" in tableau Server -  add the users who wants to access only Europe Data

          3) Create a group called "Europe or America" in tableau server - add the users who wants to access both the europe and America.


          Write a calculation like below


          IF ISMEMBEROF("Only_America")

          and country="America"



          ELSEIF ISMEMBEROF("Only_Europe")

          and country="Europe"



          ELSEIF ISMEMBEROF("Europe or America")

          and ( country="Europe" or country="America")







          Drag this field to filter and select TRUE, So whenever new user comes up add them to group --> If u large number of users maintain AD group with single powershell scripting you can add many user at single click to ADGROUP


          Hope this helps

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