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    Tableau Prep Compatibility

    James Kording

      Our current version of Tableau Desktop and Server is 2018.1.  When I download Prep should I match the version 2018.1, or should I get the most recent version (2018.3)?  I am trying to limit any compatibility issues when developing and publishing. 

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          Ciara Brennan

          Hi James, if it were me I would always go for the most up to date versions of both, in order to avail of the latest features.

          The question around compatibility is more for Tableau Desktop and workbooks, in that older versions of Desktop can't open workbooks created with a newer version.


          Version Compatibility Between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server - Tableau


          Hope this helps,


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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning James

            Agree with Ciara - Tableau has separate update schedules Prep and Tableau proper - Prep updates are roughly monthly (it's a new product with lots of development activity) - Tableau proper is several times annually (3 in 2018) - that said updates add new functionality and also correct any known issues)





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              James Kording

              Thank you, both!  I always try to have the most recent version of the product offerings; however, our team does not have the resources available to upgrade Tableau server 3+ times a year at this point.  We will more than likely upgrade the server once a year at least for the foreseeable future.  That was really my only concern.  I have the current desktop version but I have to use 2018.1 if I plan on publishing anything to the server.  I just wasn't sure if I would run into issues modeling the dataset in Prep 2018.3 and then developed a workbook in 2018.1 and published to a 2018.1 server.