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    Inconsistent rendering across browsers

    Isaac Madera

      When I publish dashboards on Tableau Server, I often find that the rendering is very different between IE and Chrome at the same zoom levels. I attached screenshots of the same dashboard in IE vs in Chrome @ 100% zoom. I blurred the images because the data is confidential and because data is not needed to see that Chrome is much more zoomed in than IE.


      While users can adjust zoom levels on their own, I feel like it's my duty to set the default to what I think is most effective. In fact, I'm certain having an optimal default zoom can make a big difference in user adoption rate. I'd hate for users to not come back to newly built dashboards because their experiences are not what the creator intended.


      I realize getting perfect rendering across different browsers and monitors is impossible, but I feel like two browsers in the same monitor should not be this far apart. Is there anything I can do to tackle this issue to ensure a more consistent default zoom?


      Other facts:

      • At my company, IE and Chrome are fairly evenly used so favoring one over the other isn't exactly ideal
      • We're still on Windows 7 and Edge isn't an option


      Thanks in advance for the help!