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    Import Custom Geocoding - Could not find UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY - Zip Code

    Casey Buttle

      I am using Tableau 10.5 I am trying to import some custom geocoding to generate some custom territories. I have included in my CSV file Country, Zip Code, Lat/Long, and then the new Column  (a string about 10-20 characters long). I have scowled the forums and from everything I can tell I am doing it right, but when I do I get an error.


      • Firebird database error 335544351: unsuccessful metadata update -could not find UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY constraint in table ZipCode with specified columns
      • Ignored 40933 invalid rows in the file Walamrt CMA.csv.


      See the attached CSV file that I am trying to import. The original file has 40,933 records, the attached is a sample. I am not sure if it has something to do with the fact the CSV keeps converting the zip codes to integers, hence removing leading zeros, but then why doesn't it import any rows?


      Am I missing fields? I have this as the only file in a folder on my machine.


      Thanks for any help