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    Need Help Urgently - Creating Color Formatting based of measure comparison found across multiple dimensions

    Gerry Wilson

      Hi Guys,


      I have searched so much online to do this but could not find anything appropriate for the use case here. In the following workbook I have a number of different dimensions and measures. It is extremely important all these measures and dimensions are displayed in the following format so the layout cannot change. It is also important they are all displayed within the same table as shown in the workbook and picture below. Fake data generated for the question.



      I would like the Test Name rows to be highlighted green (ie Pear highlighted green)

      -if the KPI (Actual) metric is lower for the test group vs the control group when KPI='CPA'

      -if the KPI (Actual) metric is higher for the test group vs the control group when KPI='CTR'


      The attached workbook was downloaded and data changed for client anonymity. Each of the Metrics are Sums or aggregations. 'KPI Actual' is an aggregation.


      Please could someone help me with finding an answer