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    Count distinct on moving calculation

    Alexey Panfilov


      I'm cooking a report, where I need moving calculation.

      Here is how I'm counting purchases: WINDOW_SUM( COUNTD( [purchase_id]), [Size of movie period], 0)


      [Size of movie period] is a parameter, to change the period.


      Everything is counted correctly, but when I try to count distinct of clients ID, I meet a problem.

      At first I count it like:

      WINDOW_SUM( COUNTD( [CLIENT_ID]), [Size of movie period], 0), but found that it as incorrect, as he counts distinct at each month and sum them, so I get lots of doubles and incorrect number of clients.


      Are there any ideas?


      Unfortunately I can't share workbook as it will take to much time to generate fake data for it, but I'll attach a screenshot.