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    Is it possible to create a user under a different site than the one signed in to?

    Amber Wilson

      Is it possible to create a user under any of the existing sites without having to sign in to the specific site each time?


      Ideally signing in as an admin user on the Default site and then specifying the site to create the new user under would work.


      I've tried this though and receive the following error:



          "error": {

              "summary": "Forbidden",

              "detail": "User 'system_api' is authenticated for site '4e384e1f-2d9e-422f-93e2-e00c7b8c215d' and may not access or modify resources on site '0a85c814-8ca4-484d-98c6-85c83cb368d1'.",

              "code": "403010"




      "4e384e1f-2d9e-422f-93e2-e00c7b8c215d" is the default site. "0a85c814-8ca4-484d-98c6-85c83cb368d1" is the site that I'm trying to create a new user under.


      Where the code "403010", of course, is the AUTHENTICATED_SITE_MISMATCHED error.