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    Menu options get cut off


      Hello Tableau Community!  Wondering if anyone has come across this before - I have some menu options getting cut off, which makes them unable to be selected.


      Here's a screen shot below.  You can see that Exclude Values is cut off near the very bottom, and when you look at the Customize > menu, the Show Apply Button should appear underneath Show All Values, but it's cut off.  This is in Tableau Desktop 2018.1.  I've been playing with CNTRL + mouse scroll to check the zoom, but no luck.


      All ideas / suggestions welcome... thank you, Katie

      Menu cut off Ross.png

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          Swaminathan Jayaraman

          Hi Katie,


          I've come across this annoying issue before. I've noticed that this only happens when you scale from a smaller display to a larger display. In my case I had my laptop connected to 2 external monitors as extended display. This issue doesn't seem to occur when I use Tableau on my laptop with no external displays or on my desktop.




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            Paul Wachtler

            Hi Katie - I'm not sure if this will help, but it may if you're on a Windows machine.  Starting with version 10.4 Windows display scaling causes issues with visibility in Tableau Desktop.


            If you follow these instructions, specifically Option 3: "Modify the DPI scaling of the Windows Environment.", it may fix your issue.



            I had an issue with Windows making Tableau looked very zoomed in and this helped.  Since your menu is getting cut off I'm thinking you may have a similar issue.


            Let me know if you have any questions.



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              Thank you Paul!  Yes it was as if it was really zoomed in and made it impossible to see/select certain options like 'Show Apply Button' or anything that was closer to the bottom of drop-downs.  Option 3 as you suggested worked perfectly

              Cheers, Katie

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                Thanks Swami for your help!  Indeed it was related to the display settings.

                Cheers, Katie

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                  Helen Arabanos

                  HI All,


                  I'm having same issue with menus being cut off and things being on auto-zoom. I've tried adjusting/overriding the display scaling but that didn't resolve. Any other suggestions out there? I'm on Windows 10 with Tableau Decktop 2013.3.


                  Thank you.


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                    Paul Wachtler

                    Hi Helen,


                    It's hard to tell what the issue may be when that happens.  Have you tried simply adjusting your screen resolution to see if that resolves the issue?




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                      Jevon Barlas

                      This approach worked for me, with small tweaks described below. My screen configuration included three monitors: my laptop screen and two identical desktop monitors. Each of them was set to the recommended resolution: 150% for the laptop and 100% for the desktops.

                      I followed these instructions with one change: on the compatibility tab of Tableau 2018.1 Properties I checked the box next to "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and choose scaling performed by Application. After logging out and logging back in, more of each Tableau menu became visible, but not the entire menu.

                      Next, in Windows display settings, I changed the default scale and layout on my laptop screen from "150% (recommended)" to 125%. Then I logged out and logged back in, and my Tableau menus look normal.