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    Dynamically Set the End of an Axis to Fit the Data

    Rebecca LoSurdo

      I am currently in need of a solution that will allow me to dynamically fix the end of my axes in accordance with the maximum value of one of my measures. So instead of this:



      I would see this:


      The above picture was created by manually fixing the axis to 6 for this example but the actual number is going to vary from day to day so I need the axis to adjust dynamically.


      I have found a number of articles about superficially increasing an axis' end point using a fake reference line but in this case I want to decrease it from the default setting that leaves a buffered space at the end. The reason is that I am showing a number of these on a dashboard and each of them have different maximum numbers - making the end result hard to show percentage completion "at a glance." See the attached workbook for an example of the end desired result.


      I am currently on 10.1.