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    Combining Daily Temperature and Monthly Average Temperature into one Graph

    Matthew Yandell-Thomas

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to show daily temperature and an average temperature over the month on a single graph but I'm running into some problems. I originally had two spreadsheets one containing the temperatures for each day and the other had the average over the month.


      I was unsure how to plot the two datasets onto a single graph so I copied the monthly average onto the daily temperature spreadsheet into a new column. For example I copied the average max value for November 2017 to the row 15/11/2017, the average max value for December 2017 to the row 15/12/2017 etc with no data for the other rows in that column.


      This resulted in the following plot. Hopefully you can see the dots denoting the monthly average values.




      Is there a way to join these dots together? As when I select the filter nulls option it removes the exact dates for the daily totals. As below:




      Also is there a way to make the average values a dotted or broken line to help distinguish the lines?


      I have attached a packaged workbook and any help would be greatly appreciated. (Tableau version 2018.3.0)