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    Including a filter without separating marks

    Joseph Kulasa


      I am looking to include a filter on my bar chart, but Tableau won't recognize the filter unless I include my "Piece Yield" within my detail field.  The problem is, whenever I include the detail field it is no longer aggregating my defects, and it splits the marks based on the different yield entries.  Screenshots have been attached.


      The first screenshot is the unfiltered view, which is closest to the final view that I want, I just want to filter based on a couple of conditions.



      The second screenshot is my filter that I want to include, but it won't flag both selections (I want it to only show "ANR") unless I put the "Piece Yield" dimension into the detail.


      The last screenshot is what happens when I include the piece yield for the filter to recognize.  So how do I include this field for the filter to recognize without splitting my marks?  I want the cumulative amount of defects, but only for the lots I call an "ANR".  Thanks in advance.


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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Filters are used to eliminate data from the view - suggest you look at using sets to separate the data into 2 groups - sets do not filter data out just put the data into an IN and an OUT group based on a criterion - all the data are still there - you can then use the set to separate, color or in other calculations


          If you provide the twbx workbook I would give you the actual formula



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