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    How To Filter Using a Secondary Data Source? (10.2)

    Michael Yanofsky



      I am using 2 data sources, blending on Order Date and Customer Name. I am showing Profit by Customer Name, using Customer Name from my primary data source and Profit from my secondary data source.


      I want to allow the user to filter by using Order Date from the primary data source, but it is not working as intended. If I apply a filter to only show orders in 2018, it still shows Profit from all years. However, if I filter  on 2018 AND bring the Order Date field into "rows", the Profit value updates to correctly show only 2018 profit. However, I do not want to display Order Date as a row in my table, so this is not an acceptable solution.


      If I filter using Order Date from my secondary data source, everything works perfectly. However, for my actual data I will be using 3+ data sources, so I need 1 "Order Date" filter to be able to apply across all data sources.


      The use also needs the ability to choose multiple sales periods, so I cannot use a parameter either.


      Does anyone have a solution to this? I would greatly appreciate any input. Thank you!