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    Tableau Production Enquiry


      Hi everyone,


      I have few queries pertaining to business requirements:


      1. Tableau Pricing

      We are looking to develop a dashboard and put into production in in-house premise. What are the license costs and how does it work?

      Do we need to take Tableau Desktop with Tableau Server license? Could you please let us know the detailed pricing?


      2.License Sharing

      Could we share license from the other organisation given the fact we are working for them? Is there any restriction from Tableau?


      3. Detailed step-wise procedure for Tableau Dashboard Production

      Our objective is to build an interactive dashboard and deploy it on in-house premise.
      Could you please let us know the step-wise procedure. As of now, we are ready with the dashboard but we want to publish the

      dashboard to third-party cloud service.


      Please take out some time to answer these queries. It will be of great help.



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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Hi Akash,


          1) Tableau Pricing depends on what kind of infrastructure you're planning on setting up, number of users, licensing model itself. Here's a link for more information on Tableau Pricing options

          Tableau Pricing for Teams & Organizations


          2) You need to check with Tableau Account Manager of that company.


          3) Tableau workbooks can be shared in 4 ways - Server, Online, Public, Reader. You can additionally host the workbook on web or SharePoint. I'm however not aware of any other hosting platforms.


          Hope this information helps.




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            Chris McClellan

            The best advice would be to ring Tableau and talk to them.  These forums are largely run by the community and not Tableau employees at all.


            That said ....


            1) You need Desktop to create dashboards, you need Server or Online to distribute (well, that's the cheapest options)  Detailed pricing is available on the Tableau website, but largely depends on exactly how you want to deploy


            2) I have clients that allow external companies to access their workbooks.  Whether you pass this charge on to the client or not is your decision.  Either way, you need a license for every user that logs in.


            3) "third party cloud service" - sounds like you're more thinking of Tableau Online.  Tableau Public means that ANYONE can see and use your workbook, you probably don't want that unless you're using 100% publicly available data.