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    Tabcmd Exports Blank PDF

    Kemal Gürler



      I have datasource filter in my dashboard and export couple of PDFs by filtering. My code in bat looks like this:


      tabcmd export "/Workbook/Sheet?&region=east?:refresh=yes" --fullpdf --pagesize a4 -f "C:\Users\tableau\Desktop\PDF\East.pdf"

      tabcmd export "/Workbook/Sheet?&region=west?:refresh=yes" --fullpdf --pagesize a4 -f "C:\Users\tableau\Desktop\PDF\PDF.pdf"


      Through tabcmd, East.pdf comes up fine but West is blank. It is strange that using same filter one works fine other isn't. By blank I mean there are worksheet titles but no values.

      Besides, when I open the link on browser like https://tableau.com/Workbook/Sheet?&region=west it is also okay, all values are visible and I can manually download PDF of it.


      There is no space or strange character in filter. I also checked out logs but couldn't see anything strange.


      Any idea about solution? There are lots of PDFs so I dont wanna do that manually. Thanks!