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    Grouping details

    Heather Hakizimana

      Is there a way to display the ungrouped details of grouped data? For example if I have a pie chart with too many slices and want to reduce the slices by grouping the smaller pieces into 'other,' can I somehow show the details of the other in the tool tip? Show the breakdown of what is in the other?

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          Deepak Rai

          Do you have a n example workbook  on this?

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            Norbert Maijoor

            Hi Heather,


            Find my "not perfect" approach;) as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 2018.2 located in the original threat.






            1. Define D1. Dim (group)


            2. Define D2 Dim & Ohter

            if [D1. Dim (group)]='a' or [D1. Dim (group)]='b' or [D1. Dim (group)]='c' then [D1. Dim (group)]

            elseif [D1. Dim (group)]='Other' then [Dim] END


            3. Define M1. Filtered Containers Feeder

            IF FIRST()==0 THEN

                MIN([D2. Dim & Other])

            ELSEIF MIN([D2. Dim & Other]) != LOOKUP(MIN([D2. Dim & Other]),-1) THEN

                PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + ", " + MIN([D2. Dim & Other])





            4. Define M2. Filtered Containers

            PREVIOUS_VALUE(LOOKUP([M1. Filtered Containers Feeder],last()))



            5. Drag required objects to the indicated locations





            6. Edit table calculation: M2 Filtered Containers




            PS Approach is based on the idea's of Jonathan Drummey stored in this workbook Tableau Public


            Hope it helps