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    Help FYTD vs Previous FYTD

    Mikey Michaels


      I hope this message finds you well.

      I'm very new to Tableau and I would some help with a problem I just received from my boss grrrrr

      On the attached, I have created (with the help of this wonderful forum ) a bar chart visual that shows the monthly sales by month for our fiscal year (our fiscal year begins in Sept)

      Once you reach Oct, the bars reset for the new FY. I got this to work with help for the forum; however, I'm not 100% sure this is the best way to complete this exercise.


      My problem is, I need to be able to compare the running total of this fiscal year to date vs the prior fiscal year to date. So, for example, when you open up the attached I would need the difference of the sum (Nov 19 - March 20)= 27,139  vs Nov 18 - March 19) = 1,787,491. Resulting in a difference of 1,760,352. Also, if someone could then compute the percent difference between these two dates, that would be fantastic.


      Thank you all for your help!