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    Trending Indicators

    Justin Doster

      I am using Tableau to show storage equipment performance trends, among many other things.  I have data sources for a storage array that provide IOP, Throughput and Latency data at a volume level.  I want to show volume level performance and compare it to a previous period with an easy visual indicator.  I know how to use shapes in Tableau, but everything breaks down for me when I try to have shapes across multiple columns in a performance table.


      Attached is a simple workbook.  I have three measures (IOPs, Throughput and Latency).  And then I added three calculated fields (% IOPs change, % Throughput change and % Latency change)....with all six laid out as columns. How can I do some sort of visual indicator with the % change and a color indicator?  I have seen other discussion threads on how to do arrows, and I can get them to work on a column, but not across columns with different measures.


      Can anyone help me?

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Justin

          the data structure is making each of the values a separate measure and the resulting % change calculation a separate calculation -

          so what to do - either you end up creating a series of separate KPI indicators for each measure or re-structure the data


          Typically the way to restructure the dat is by pivoting but in Tableau proper you are limited to 1 pivot per data set - that won't work with your set because you subdivide the measure (eg latency, mbps etc) - Tableau Prep would allow you to make multiple pivots to the same data set -



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            Justin Doster

            Unfortunately, I used a simple data set for the example.  I typically have five or six history files per array and then multiple sets by array type.  I won't be able to manipulate the data just because of the effort of regularly doing that.  Is there anything I can do by color coding or conditional formatting?



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              Jim Dehner

              Well you would have to work with each of your measures individually - sorry