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    Parameter to Select Multiple Parameter Values


      Hi All,


      So I'm working with States and Zipcodes right now. I have a state view map and a zipcode view map. I have basically the same parameter selection for the same values, but one is at the state level and the other parameter selects the zipcode value. See image below:



      You'll notice the two parameters "Show View State" and "Show View Zip". Not important to anybody helping probably, but I needed two parameter controls for the same metrics at different levels of geographic granularity due to household census data.


      Anyways, my question is am I able to create a parameter that embodies the other two parameters, since they have the same string value but just different metric calculations? For example, If I create a "Show View All Parameter", if I create the parameter so when I select an object in the parameter control, it will change both at the state and zip level? Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks!