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    Different fonts for print + server

    Tom Varco

      I maintain a set of dashboards that's updated and simultaneously distributed two ways on a monthly basis:


      • Published to our Tableau server - using Arial.
      • Static PDF versions - using our company's official fonts.


      I'm looking for suggestions as to the best way to manage this. Right now I maintain separate workbooks, but this means double work anytime I need to update or change something, as well as the possibility of me forgetting to change both. I had researched the possibility of installing the Company font on the server, but it seemed that this would only work if it was also installed on all client computers - unfortunately, it's not. The best solution I can think of is to use a single workbook, and change the font globally back and forth as necessary. Another thought was to see if the alternate font can be changed on the server, but I couldn't find any information on this via Google. Right now, if I publish using our company font, it defaults to Times New Roman for those who don't have it installed.


      I'd love to hear any other ideas. I'm not a server admin, but they're flexible if I need changes made.