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    Patricia Kraft

      Back in 2014 when we started using Tableau Desktop to create our dashboards and then publishing them to Tableau Online, we created a User Logon Filter calculation to limit the user to what data they can see based on tables we have assigned the users.  The User Logon Filter has been working in Tableau Online until the 2018 upgrades began.  Our users are now getting frequent Tuple ID errors when filtering in various dashboards.  We have a ticket open with Tableau Tech Support and their recommendation was to upgrade our Tableau Desktop from 10.4.0 to 2018 version and republish our data sources and dashboards.  We have upgraded to 2018.2 and we are still getting the Tuple ID error in our testing.  Tableau is telling us that we need to create User Filters in every sheet in our dashboards and remove the user logon filter from our data sources which also means creating 52 groups in Tableau Online as well. We have users from all 50 states and they only see their states purchasing data so we are under the belief that we will need to create 50 user filters, one for each state as well as user filter for staff (see all 50 states data), and user filter for our Senior Account Executives who only see their regions data (only see the states in an assigned region). Which means 52 user filters in all of the sheets in our dashboards.  We currently publish 11 dashboards and each of them have approximately 10 to 12 sheets. So we would need to revise every sheet in the dashboards to add 52 user filters UNLESS, someone out in the community forum has another idea we could try? 


      Here is our Data Source calculation for the User Logon Filter

      [State Pharmacy Contact]=USERNAME()

      OR [State Purchasing Contact]=USERNAME()

      or [State SAE Contact]=USERNAME()

      OR [staAlt1]=USERNAME()

      OR [staAlt2]=USERNAME()

      OR [staAlt3]=USERNAME()