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    Loading Custom Geographies to Remove Custom Map Primary Data Source

    Stacy Hennig



      I am regularly running in to an issue that I am hoping someone in the forums can assist with. I am trying to create dashboards that showcase custom region maps that we can use as a filter. (i.e. I select custom geography ABC in my custom region map, and it filters the bars below in my dashboard to only showcase data for geography ABC). Because I have to use a file that ties every zip code in the US to custom geography as the primary data source for any custom map I build, I can't seem to be able to use the custom map as a filter in the data unless the primary data source also holds all of the measures/attribution that I would like to use for my analysis. Because the primary data source has thousands of zip codes and doesn't function like an out of the box polygon (like State, Zip, or Country), the files become to big to manage with all of my necessary measures for the analysis.


      Does anyone know of a way to "lock" or load custom polygons in Tableau so you don't have to pull in a zip code to custom geography file as the primary data source?


      Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!