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    Disabling Highlighting

    Jeff Labenek



      I'm curious to know if there is way to disable highlighting in worksheets or dashboards e.g. when you select a data point it defaults to highlight that point in blue and grey's out the rest of the data. My end users are getting lost as they drill down into data on my dashboard. If anyone has a workaround it would be greatly appreciated.




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          Joe Oppelt

          You can control it at the individual legend level:



          Select or de-select "Highlight".


          And you can do it at the workbook level:



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            Thanks, I hadn't seen that before.



            I'm not sure if this is pertinent, but here's maybe a similar thread:

            Any way to disable greying-out of unselected marks?

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              Jeff Labenek

              Thanks for the suggestion Joe - I have attached a dummy workbook as a reference. I deselected the workbook highlight in the GL Preview worksheet, however when I select an individual bar it still highlights in dark blue and grey's out the other bars.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Jeff -- I misunderstood your original question.  What I recommended was for turning off legend highlighting.  That is to say, if you have legend highlighting turned on, your user could click the blue box in the color legend (or a shape in a shape legend, or a size in a size legend) and all the marks on the sheet for the selected item would get highlighted.  I showed how to turn that off.


                In the attached I implemented what was discussed in the link that Swaroop posted.  For the GL sheet I created a bogus calc.  (I called it [Blank], but I actually put a value of "a" in it so that I could see a value when I moved it around as I played with this.)


                In the end, I placed [Blank] on the details shelf.  Essentially this compartmentalizes your marks by that dimension, but since the dimension is a constant, no actual compartmentalization occurs.  But every bar has "a" in it.  (You can just take it out of the tooltips, and this sheet's visualization is identical to before.)  But then I turned on highlighting for [Blank] as shown in this screen shot:



                Now when you click a mark that has [Blank] in it, all marks with [Blank] get highlighted.  Technically it's the opposite of turning off highlighting.  It's highlighting everything, which effectively looks like nothing is happening.


                See attached.


                I never played with this before, so it was a learning experience for both of us.

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                  Jeff Labenek

                  Thanks Joe! - The blank calc works well to stop the highlighting on the graphs. I attempted this same logic on the numeric table and included a button filter with the same blank calc, however it does not appear to work for those two on the dashboard. Any idea why this would not work for those sheets?

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Actually, it IS working on your PSP Financial summary sheet.

                    this works on the marks, not on the blue-pill fields.


                    In the attached I expanded the marks a little bit that are hidden on the Financial Summary sheet.  Click one.  It doesn't highlight what you click (and grey out what was not clicked.)


                    On the flip side, click on "Fitness" in the Bullet Graph sheet.  Not on a bar, but on the label "Fitness".  The bars don't highlight, but the label does.  That's what's happening in the PSP Financial sheet.


                    (BTW, in PSP Financial, a way to get rid of the tiny blue spots for the marks on that sheet is to change the COLOR setting from the default blue, to white.)