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    Multiple Charts in One Sheet

    Mallie Abdulhadi



      I am trying to graph multiple charts into one sheet, but am limited by the Dual Axis feature. I would like to have 3 line charts with a overlay of bigger dots at each their pivot points, which is one set of dual axis on its own sheet and a confidence band consisting of two area charts and one dashed line, which is another set of dual axis charts on its own sheet. I'd like to combine all of these charts onto one sheet. Or maybe there's a way to overlay both of these sheets in a dashboard?


      In addition, I'd like to know on a line chart how to connect points that have a missing data between them. For example, if there is a data point for May and a data point for July, but none for June, then a gap is left between them instead of just extending the line. Is it possible to connect the May and June data points with a line?


      Any help would be much appreciated.