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    Combining two sources with some common headers

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hi all,


      I'm looking to combine two different sources, one an Excel sheet, and the other a database from Amazon Redshift. I'm looking to create a chart which uses both sources in one chart. Both sources have common headers, but one source has common headers plus others, so they are not identical in structure.


      I attach an example of the problem I'm facing. In this I have source 1 which has dates and results that go up to Oct-18. Source 2 has results from then on up to Dec-18. I'd like it so that I could show the chart using the "Result" measure from both sources simultaneously. Note that this example has only identical measures and dimensions across both sources, the real life example does not.


      I understand that a Union requires identical headers across the board. Also, could I even Union an Excel sheet to Redshift?


      Is there a way for me to achieve this?


      Many thanks,