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    Data Source Filter in Tableau

    novi kusumaningrum

      Hi Guys..


      I'm really stuck with this, could anybody help to explain about this issues?


      So, I have one database that has been filtered using Data Source Filter. However, in the Data Source Filter, it appeared like picture below: (not showing any filter, just 0).

      But, if i click the add button, it will show that there are some filters:

      As you can see, there are some filter here. But, when I go to the worksheet, I am still able to access all data that has been filtered out, and it only appear as filter (apply all to data using this data source


      So, I still able to remove the filter after publishing the data to Web. This is weird, as usually when we use data source filter, we won't be able to use the data that has been excluded.


      Does anybody have idea? Thanks a lot!

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          Naveen B

          Hi Novi,


          You are applying the filter after you fetch the data to tableau.


          Once after connected to the data --> Click on Data Source filter --> Add the filters --> Click on Sheet 1


          now what you are expecting will happen


          Hope this helps


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            novi kusumaningrum

            Hi naveen,


            Thanks for your answer. Do you mean it is because I published the data to Tableau Web before filtering it? But I got the .twb file from the Tableau Web, and when i open in Desktop, the data soutce filter is not working. Instead, it become just usual filter that apply to all worksheet (not data source filter)