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    View/User Event Types

    Kari Porter Ellis

      Sorry for the silly questions, but I am very new at using Tableau and am very lost.


      I am having trouble determining the best way to put the PostGRE tables together to get the following information.

      • How many times a view & workbook as been looked at (excluding any other event types that are usually included in the view count number)
        • How many of those were unique users
        • How many were new users
      • What tableau reports are most used by each user.
        • What are their license roles
        • What event types are being associated with visit to the view/workbook


      I have tried using the historical tables but they do not go back far enough to give a year by year comparison.The templates I have come across seem to use view count which is counting 1 view visit as 12, which I am assuming is because it needs to run the query, filter the data, and display the information. I tired hooking up the historical tables, but ended up with many duplicate rows so I know I am not joining correctly. Our server has hundreds of dashboards and the same number of users so it is very hard to determine if I am getting duplicates unless it is a huge difference.


      Any help would be appreciated. I have tried different templates, looked up the data dictionaries, and searched the internet but haven't come across something that makes sense to me.


      Thank you!

      Kari Porter