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    Ticket value of -1 returned from tableau server for trusted user authentication

    Chandrasekar Sidhan

      I have used the following steps to generate tickets for trusted authentication

      1. Added trusted IP address in TSM

      2. Created a test html page for generating ticket as given in the below link

      Test Trusted Authentication - Tableau

      3. I have provided the following details in test html to generate ticket (user name, server url, and IP)

      4. ticket value returns -1


      Note; I have verified the server log but Not able to identify the source of the error. server log has shown the following message as error.

      2018-11-09 02:10:10.956 -0800 5200 main : INFO com.tableausoftware.vizqlserver.VizQLServerApp - Executing command with args [[status]]


      Please provide us the solution to fix the issue